A Guide To Website Search Engine Optimisation And Promotion

Search Engine Optimisation

If have your business website designed and further it has not been able to find its potential customers because of low traffic then your website needs to be found on major search engines like Google or Yahoo. If not then your company is losing out on potentials of new business and sales. There are many areas and reasons why it is not listed in search results on major search engines which are the trade base of online business platforms. But its most likely reason for not getting listed in results is that it has not been optimised for search engines. Below is the information on what is search engine optimisation and the benefits of being on the listing of search engine results.

Basics of Search engine optimisation

Defination: Search Engine Optimisation ( SEO ) is a website design and promotion technique for optimising web pages so that they can be found on search engines.

 Whenever someone tries to find out something on internet searches on search engines like Google or Yahoo, the search engine looks for the best websites matching the query made then display in the list of results. The best optimised websites generally appear at the top of these listings.

However, making a website search engine friendly is a long process and skilled art and follows lot of technical as well as designing aspects along with it and the search engine optimisation process is complex.
The Search Engine Optimisation Technique requires huge internet world realtime knowledge and experience, best of the web design knowledge and skills, solid internet marketing skills and an understanding of how search engines work and knowing the approximate ideas about the search engines crawling algorithms.

Benefits of SEO

If you have a website which is designed upto the exact requirements of your business but despite this you are not getting any enquiries because of no traffic to your website which may generate interest in visitors to place their enquiries. In this case you should plan an internet marketing strategy and take a step ahead towards getting your website optimised for search engine promotion by your web designer based in the UK if your business is in the UK or else and they will help you to grow in search engine rankings for bulding more traffic to your website.

Getting website optimised and promoted will take it on number 1 in Google?

With the search engines changing their algorithms and crawling techniques it has become an impossible thing to be stable on any particular position on any search engine for a longer duration. But with our latest techniques and huge realtime experience with search engine optimisation techniques and the knowledge of the changing algorithms by search engines like google and yahoo we have achieved several stable high ranking positions. This can be achieved through hard work and totally in line with Google’s term’s and conditions. Search Engine Optimisation is the first step to increasing sales for your business and generating enquiries which can later be converted into orders with your business marketing skills and stratergies along with a good website.

Does the automatic SEO tools work?

If you really need to promote your website then you should avoid these so called search engine optimisation tools which can get you abandoned on search engines by getting banned for spamming the search engine techniques. These actually do your site more harm than good as Search engines consider this type of optimisation as spam. As of now Google clearly states on it’s website about not using such products that send automatic or programmatic queries to Google.

Page Optimisation standards of web design

A website design following the valid design rules and standards adds huge weight to any search engine optimization campaign. Google states that optimisation of your pages should be for your visitors and not for search engines. Standard websites are designed for visitors but the best part is that Google loves them too because they are very easy to read and spider. In addition, a website that is accessible is available to the highest possible customers.

Search engine optimisation for database, product, dynamic and ecommerce websites

Dynamic websites like ecommerce websites with shopping carts, product listing websites with back end database etc require a slightly different approach with regards to search engine optimisation. Dynamic sites such as shopping carts, content managements systems etc., generate lengthy characters in their URLs. Some search engines can not index these pages so the optimisation process needs to take in to account and these pages require to be rewritten to enhance for search engine ready. We offer services for ecommerce and dynamic website search engine optimisation.