A Professional Guide To Plan Your Website Design: Choosing A Web Designer

Step 1: Choose Web Design Firms with Good Portfolio Sites and Reputation

The first step when choosing a web design company is to shortlist a number of professional web design company with good built work portfolio with professionally designed web sites. Another method possible is to choose a selection of companies based on personal recommendation. Many business people know other business people who can supply referrals.

Step 2: Check Out the Web Design Companies Own Web Site

It stands to reason that if a company is capable of creating workable web sites or solutions then its own site should be beyond reproach, so take a look at their own web site as well as a sites from their portfolio., if portfolio items are not available, simply e-mail them and ask.

The Design of the Web Site

The following are a number of things to look for when choosing a web design company from your shortlist:-

Are there apparent errors (spelling errors, missing pictures, broken links etc.)?

Attention to information is vital in web design. What you see on a web page is the result of a great deal of complex interaction beneath the surface. If that which is visible is full of errors, it stands to reason that the same level of care has been taken over the code which makes the site function.

Can You Easily Find the Information You Are Looking For?

If you find yourself on a web site, the chances are you were looking for something in particular. Ensure that the elements of the designer’s web site are easy to find. Check that you are able to quickly and easily spot the contents of the pages and move freely between pages.

Other design considerations are as follows:-

– Is the text clear and easy to read?

– Are the pages uncluttered and easy on the eye?

– Are there elements such as excessive animation distracting the user from the main text?

– Does the site appear quickly?

– Does the colour scheme and design fit in with the brand of the company (take the logo as a benchmark)?

The Technical Bits

If your web site is not coded using standards (set by the www council) it may not function correctly when viewed by different people using different equipment.

Finally, it is a well known time-proven fact that if your visitor is kept waiting more than 10 seconds for a web page to appear, they will move on.

Step 3: Contact the Professional Web Design Firms

With already established their design and technical capabilities, now you are interested in their ability to fulfil your needs and provide you with efficient service. Give the professional web design firm you chosen the details of your requirement anaysis and move forward towards your professional web site design.