Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts, Accept credit cards online with a shopping cart website designed for your business.

Shopping carts, Online shopping carts, Ecommerce shopping carts. If your business is about online product selling then you should be looking forward to an online shopping carts website as an ecommerce website to accepting online payments with credit cards / debit cards and with those shopping carts it will maximise your sales by offering your customers an easy way to buy your products or services online with the shopping carts. Our shopping carts designs are user friendly you will be able to add and update your own website without having to employ a web designer or programmer and still have our backup service available so if you get stuck just give us a call and we will be there to help you for your shopping carts website.

Web Shopping Carts

We can create the web shopping carts system design you need without all the fuss. Below is the packages and the sections to consist for our web shopping carts, if have any queries or questions regarding the web shopping cart for your shopping carts website design.

Well Programed Shopping Cart

Below is what you would expect from a well programmed
shopping carts design. All these features are of the latest shopping cart website design system and technologies, you can even update, add and remove categories and sub categories and much more saving you time and stress and money with our shopping carts website design.

shopping carts

Project Sections

shopping carts will have following features

1. Homepage + animation + intro page
2. Product Section
– Product Catalogue
3. Product Collection/catalog
a. Keyword Search + basic search + advanced search
b. Select/display Product Collection – Category wise
c. Select/display Product Collection – Sub Category wise
d. Product Details – With Thumbnail + zoom Image
4. Shopping Carts Basket
5. Shopping Carts Checkout
6. Shopping Carts Online Payment (using payment gateway)
7. Feedback forms
8. About Us
9. Contact Us
+ Other Required Links

Secured Content Management System and Shopping carts Website Administration Module

## Product Management

1. Add / Modify / Delete product Category
2. Add / Modify / Delete product SubCategory
3. Add / Modify / Delete product Details
4. Assign product as Latest Product / New Launch / Forth Coming / Popular Product
5. Upload / Modify / Delete product Thumbnail Image
6. Upload / Modify / Delete product Zoom Image

## Order Management

1. View / Update Order Status / Delete product order

## Hits Management

1. View Web Page / website Hits

Shopping carts Project Technologies and Hosting Requirement:
Shopping carts Platform: Windows 2000+ Hosting Server
Shopping carts Database: SQL Server 7.0/2000+ (Stored Procedures, Triggers)
Shopping carts Scripting: ASP, ASP DOT NET, javascript, HTML, DHTML

Shopping Carts Project Time Frame :10 – 15 working days (Mon to Sat)
This is an approximate development time frame required for a regular shopping carts website design and may variable for custom shopping carts website design according to the specific shopping carts website requirements and also depending on the amount of workload we have at the time of your order.

Shopping Carts Project Cost : Starting From £770

Shopping Carts Hosting Account : £235 / £293 [with SSL] for one year

Accepting Credit cards with your online shopping carts

If you want to accept online payments with credit cards or debit cards with shopping carts website then it needs a merchant service for shopping carts integration with the payment gateway provided by merchant services like world pay, secure trading, Paypal, HSBC, Notchex etc.
We will integrate the any merchant component into our shopping carts website.

shopping carts cost

Starting from £770 onwards according to the specific needs for the shopping carts. This would include total project cost from complete shopping carts designing & Programming. This would also include post shopping cart website design support for 3 months.

Shopping Carts Website Support Means

Shopping carts design minor updates, images and text contents updates, Adding new minor features to the site, modifying minor site application.