Top Website Design

Top website design is not just pretty. Top Website design is a combination of usability, search engine optimization and aesthetics. Having a top website design is important in today’s web based market. Confusing or incomplete Website navigation creates a stressful situation for your visitors. Help your Website’s visitors intuitively find their way by using clear consistent indicators and action triggers. Proper use of page titles is a primary element of implementing good search engine optimization in top Website design.

3 things going for Top Website Design

Any top Website design has 3 things going for it that work together to build improved search engine rank and create the opportunity for increased sales. So website usability and search engine optimization work together in top Website design. I’ve seen website designs where products were listed with a name and stock number only. Unless the Website visitor has done a lot of homework elsewhere and knows exactly what that product is, he is unlikely to have much trust in your Website design.

First and foremost, good usability techniques

So top website designs use, first and foremost, good usability techniques because if people get to your Website and they can’t use it, then none of the other work has meant anything. An easily found and beautiful website that is hard to understand, has very little valuable information and uses sloppy navigation will only hold the Website visitor’s attention for so long until they move on to less stressful websites. Descriptive words, images and colors can all help indicate where the visitor is currently in your website or help a user determine what to do next.

Search engine optimization increases sales

Great search engine optimization will only bring people to the website. If Web usability and SEO create an easy-to-find, easy-to-use website, then aesthetics becomes icing on the cake, creating a unique website design, building a brand image, making a more inviting site, helping visitors feel more comfortable, all of which feeds back to the website usability and search engine optimization results. A website must be optimized in many strategic ways but the backbone to website optimization relies on the actual words that are used in top website design.